M-Swift Brand-new single is on digital! Please have a check on the link!

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Come on up for a while feat. Lex Cameron
先行カットとなる本7インチ・シングルには、2017年リリースのOmar最新作で、Robert Glasperとの楽曲に参加しているシンガーでキーボーディストの”Lex Cameron”をフィーチャーした「Come on up for a while」、そして”Shur-i-kan”参加のインスト曲「I need you here」を収録。

M-Swift, (Shouhei Matsushita), is back! After a seven year hiatus to work on other projects, M-Swift returns with a 7” vinyl single closely followed by a brand new album

Released on M-Swift Music, the single, Come On Up For a While, is out on March and features top UK vocalist, Lex Cameron (Omar, Don Blackman, Natty). Recorded in London and Tokyo, M-Swift’s jazz/soul signature sound on the new album features some of the top UK vocalists, and musicians from both cities including: Nate James, Vanessa Haynes, Shea Soul, Tony Remy, Hideaki Hori, Nick Cohen, Tabu Zombie (Soil&Pimp Sessions), Steve Lewinson, Look out for this one – Moving With The Changes is released in spring 2018

Lex Cameron (Vo) Tony Remy (Gt) Shouhei Matsushita (Gt) Hideaki Hori (Pf) Tab Zombie (Tp) Karl Vanden Bossche (Per) Nick Cohen (Ba) Darren Abraham (Dr) Tom ‘Shur-i-kan’ Szirtes (Key) Akemi Ota (Fl)